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Welcome to
Ravenwood Meadery

(Est. 1 October 2021)


Monday 28 November: CLOSED
Tuesday 29 November: CLOSED
Wednesday 30 November: 11:00am-7:00pm
Thursday 1 December: 11:00am-7:00pm
Friday 2 December: 11:00am-7:00pm
Saturday 3 December: 11:00am- 7:00pm
Sunday 4 December:



Mead News
(Updated 28 November 2022)


bottle availability
Please follow us on social media @ravenwoodmeadery
for the most up to date bottling news

Yule and Orange Spice BOTTLES are sold out, but pours and flights are still available at the bar. Bottles are only available in our limited edition YULE BOX (on display in the bottle sales room).

Dream Staves *sold out*

Limited edition YULE BOX:
1 x Orange Spice
1 x Yule
2 x 3" logo horn cups
Presented in a locally crafted signed walnut box with a removable maple insert
Available for pickup after 10 December




This week at the tasting bar



Last Harvest
(November seasonal)
4 oz 15% mead, cranberry juice, orange juice,
winter spiced cranberry sprite, a touch of clove
served over ice in a 16 oz cup $10
mocktail (no alcohol) $5

Spiced Apple
(Autumn Seasonal)
4 oz 15.5% mead, apple cider, whipped cream,
nutmeg/cinnamon sugar, salted caramel toffee syrup
served over ice in a 16 oz cup $12
mocktail version (no alcohol) $6

Hot Mulled Mead
(Winter Seasonal)
a festive, warming blend of mead, apple cranberry
juice, and mulling spices
served piping hot in a 12 oz cup $10

(house favourite cocktail)
4 oz mead, house made grenadine (pomegranate),
7up, angostura bitters
served over ice in a 16 oz cup $10
mocktail version (no alcohol) $5

Thor cocktail
(house favourite cocktail)
4 oz mead, 7up, house made fresh lime cordial,
angostura bitters
served over ice in a 16 oz cup $10
mocktail version (no alcohol) $5




Orange Spice
(holiday mead)

fermented honey, orange, orange zest, and spices
1 oz taster: $3 | 4 oz pour: $9 | 6 oz pour: $11

(holiday mead)

fermented honey, cranberries, oranges, and cinnamon
1 oz taster: $3 | 4 oz pour: $9 | 6 oz pour: $11

Whiskey Barrel
(signature mead)

mead aged in an IRONS ONE whiskey barrel
imparting notes of whiskey and oak
4 oz pour: $8 | 6 oz pour: $10

(signature mead)

-Old Norse for 'Earth', the name of Thor's mother-

mead infused with our house made ginger root reduction
and soft Ceylon cinnamon
4 oz pour: $8 | 6 oz pour: $10

(signature mead)

-Old Norse, the name of Thor's father-
mead infused with ashe leaves and our
house made chamomile syrup
4 oz pour: $8 | 6 oz pour: $10

(signature mead)

-named after the Elder Futhark rune, meaning 'birch'-
ead infused with sweet birch bark and twigs
4 oz pour: $8 | 6 oz pour: $10

Dream Staves
(signature mead)

-Icelandic symbols used to find answers while sleeping-
mead infused with lavender flowers, madagascar vanilla bean,
and butterfly pea flower extract
4 oz pour $8 | 6 oz pour $10

House Mead on tap
our flagship traditional honey mead
1 oz taster $2 | 4 oz pour $7 | 6 oz pour $9




Holiday Flight
slot 1: 2 oz pour of house mead
slot 2: 2 oz pour of Orange Spice
slot 3: 2 oz pour of Yule
slot 4: half sized hot mulled mead

Regular Flight
slot 1: 2 oz pour of house mead
slot 2: 2 oz pour of your choice of signature mead
slot 3: 2 oz pour of your choice of signature mead
slot 4: half sized cocktail




Specialty meads currently in progress in the fermentation room:

Avocado Blossom
Mexican avocado blossom honey varietal mead
expected date: early 2023

Hannah's Bees
Imported Irish heather honey varietal mead
expected date: Spring Equinox 2023

Wild Violet
fermented with wild violet flowers
release date: Spring Equinox 2023

fermented with fresh ripe pears
expected date: Summer 2023

fermented with fresh ripe peaches
expected date: Summer 2023

fermented with fresh white nectarines
expected date: Summer 2023

fermented with fresh ripe plums
expected date: late 2023

We're sorry, but we
are not licensed to
ship our mead
at this time




Reserve our
group table

no reservation fee

Perfect for parties, gatherings, and gaming


upcoming events
26 November


The Alabama/Tennessee steward of The Troth, Jay Meeks, holds his office hours at the group table every third Saturday of the month.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about Norse mythology and/or following the Norse path is welcome to join him and other like mindeds for conversation and companionship.


We are proud to be North Alabama's first meadery, and only the second in the entire State. We call ourselves a MICRO meadery due to our very small square footage, focusing on small 5-7 gallon handcrafted batches. Our fermentation room is able to house 36-42 active batches.

Ravenwood Meadery is located inside Studio 2069 at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment, a cotton mill built in 1901, converted into over 150 working studios that house artists, makers, independent businesses, and restaurants. We are immensely proud to be direct neighbours of Irons One whiskey distillery, Dragon's Forge Cafe, and the largest art gallery inside the complex.

We conduct sales of 750ml bottles in our sales room when they are available. We post here and on social media as soon as we have firm dates. Due to our small production, bottles to take home are not always available.

We have a have a small tasting bar where you'll be able to enjoy house mead on tap as well as mead cocktails and seasonal drinks. The tasting bar operates each day we are open, and have a cozy seating area for you to relax in. You can also make a reservation for the group table for you and your friends.

In addition, you can purchase our mead tumblers, horn cups, or horn mugs, and borrow our cork screw so that you can enjoy a sip while exploring the mill, watching a concert on the docks, watching a horror movie during the month of October, sitting on the lawn, or enjoying food from the restaurants.

You can track the progress of our batches here.


How to find us at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment:

As you enter the main gate, you will see small guard shack. Park near the guard shack.

On foot from the guard shack, follow the concrete path around the side of the building until you come to the first door on your left, grey DOOR 30 in the concrete seating area.

We are at the top of the stairs next to Dragon's Forge Cafe.

STUDIO: 2069 (yellow route, 2nd floor north)

For those who need accessibility:

Come through the main entrance gate, drive to the end of the paved parking area, follow the drive to the right, into the Water Tower parking lot.

There is handicap parking and a wheelchair accessible ramp near Vertical House Records and Tangled String.

Enter through DOOR 13 on the docks, the elevator operator will take you to our floor and explain how to get to the meadery from the elevator.




In addition to mead, we offer some great merchandise to go with it.

Various styles and sizes of drinking horns; horn cups, mugs and tumbers; tshirts (sizes small to burly viking!); rune, bindrune, and sigil carved pendants; beard combs; rune sets, etc. Can't figure out what to get for your friends? Grab a gift card and let them choose for themselves.

tshirt campaign with green pea press



Follow along with meadery updates:



Email studio and meadery enquiries to Roo Kline at